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Afghans at Crufts'98
Hope you enjoy this page as mush as I enjoyed doing it and getting to know all the wonderful Afghan's that competed at Crufts this year. The idea for this site started when I had a look at the Official Crufts site and was really disappointed that
there was no pictures of the winning dogs. Fortunately I took my video camera to Crufts and was able to film most of the dogs.
First of all I would like to congratulate Mrs D Greenfield and her beautiful Afghan, SAQLAWI STANDING OVATION, on doing so well in the final at Crufts. It really had us on the end of our seats right untill the end.
Before you take the lead, a few words about the site. I took a great deal of time to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, if there is any mistakes I apologise - please let me know and I will rectify it immediately.
Most of the images was capture from a video camera and therefore the quality of is not always as good as I would like. If anyone has any objection to their dog being displayed I would remove such images immediately.
A lot of the images is not a true side view of the Afghans so please don't make any assumptions about the conformation of the dogs judging by the images on this site.
Finally I hope you find this site informative and most of all enjoy the AFGHANS!!
Dr Jan du Plessis